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Inside Cabin with Balcony

The bestseller now available in english!

Have you ever been on a cruise? If so, then you’ll recognise quite a few things here and possibly also yourself – sometimes confirming  the facts with a wry smile. For you this book is a MUST.
Are you about to embark on your first cruise? Then here you’ll learn a lot of useful and useless information which may be of great use to you on your trip. For you this book is an absolute MUST.
And are you planning to go on a cruise but are still not sure? Then this book may encourage or discourage you. But after reading it you’ll  be able to give a dazzling account of your cruise experience at any time without ever having been on one. For you this book is the ultimate MUST.
All the individual stories and episodes told in it have been passed on and confirmed by at least two fellow travellers after extensive word-of-mouth recommendation. Similarities to living persons are therefore unavoidable.
Should you identify yourself in one or more of the stories, please consider that any legal action will result in losing your comfortable protection of anonymity.
Ship Ahoy!

pages: 202
price: 9,80 EUR

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